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Native Plants

Why should we use native plants in our yard?

One reason would be to preserve North Carolina’s native species but also because many other organisms depend on them for survival. Native plants have also been exposed to North Carolina’s pests for hundreds of years and therefore have built a resistance to insects and disease. Naturally, this eliminates the need for pesticides and herbicides and the damage these chemicals cause to the environment. When used properly, native plants help conserve our natural resources because they require little to no extra water and fertilizer compared to most exotics (non-natives). Watering and fertilizing exotics that aren’t adapted to North Carolina’s climate wastes energy and water, costs you money and contributes to the pollution of our areas surface water. By incorporating natives into your garden you will spend less time and money on upkeep and more time and enjoyment watching the wildlife they will attract.  For your convenience, a list of some of the more common native plants for Mecklenburg County are listed below.


Common Name                           Latin Name 

Tall Trees (more than 30’) 

Southern Sugar Maple                                    Acer barbatum

Red Maple                                                           Acer rubrum

River Birch                                                         Petula nigra

Pignut Hickory                                                  Carya glabra

Shagbark Hickory                                           Carya ovate

Mockernut Hickory                                       Carya tomentosa

Sugarberry                                                         Celtis laevigata

Persimmon                                                    Diospyros virginiana

American Beech                                              Fagus grandifolia

White Ash                                                          Fraxinus Americana

Green Ash                                                         Fraxinus pennsylvanica

American Holly                                              Ilex opaca

Eastern Redcedar                                          Juniperus virginiana

Sweetgum                                                        Liquidambar styraciflua

Yellow Poplar                                                Linodendron tulipifera

Southern Magnolia                                      Magnolia grandiflora

Sweetbay                                                       Magnolia virginiana

Blackgum                                                          Nyssa sylvatica

Shortleaf Pine                                                 Pinus echinata

Longleaf Pine                                                 Pinus palustris

Eastern White Pine                                      Pinus strobes

Loblolly Pine                                                 Pinus taeda

Sycamore                                                        Platanun occidentalis

Black Cherry                                                  Prunus serotina

White Oak                                                       Quercus alba

Scarlet Oak                                                     Quercus coccinea

Swamp Chestnut Oak                                 Quercus michauxii

Water Oak                                                       Quercus nigra

Shumard Oak                                                 Quercus shumardii

Post Oak                                                           Quercus stellata

Black Oak                                                         Quercus velutina

Black Willow                                                   Salix nigra

Sassafras                                                       Sassafras albidum

Basswood                                                       Tilia Americana

Winged Elm                                                   Ulmus alata

American Elm                                              Ulmus Americana

 Small Trees/Shrubs (10-30’)

 Painted Buckeye                                        Aesculus sylvatica

Alder                                                              Alnus serrulata

Serviceberry                                              Amelanchier arborea

Devil’s Walking Stick                               Aralia spinosa

Pawpaw                                                        Asimina triloba

Ironwood                                                    Carpinus caroliniana

Chinquapin                                                 Castanea pumila

Dwarf Hackberry                                     Celtis tenuifolia

Eastern Redbud                                       Cercis Canadensis

Fringetree                                              Chionanthus virginicus

Silky Dogwood                                         Cornus amomum

Flowering Dogwood                               Cornus florida

Hawthorn                                                   Crataegus spp.

Carolina Silverbell                                    Halesia tetraptera

Witch-Hazel                                              Hamamelis virginiana

Possumhaw                                               Ilex deciduas

Winterberry                                              Ilex verticillata

Red Mullberry                                          Morus rubra

Wax Myrtle                                                Myrica cerifera

Wild Plum                                                   Prunus Americana

Winged Sumac                                          Rhus copallina

Smooth Sumac                                         Rhus glabra

Carolina Willow                                       Salix caroliniana

Elderberry                                                 Sambucus Canadensis

Sweetleaf                                                    Symplocos tinctoria

Black Haw                                                  Viburnum prunifolium

 Small Shrubs (under 10’)

 American Beautyberry                         Callicarpa Americana

Sweetshrub                                               Calycanthus floridus

New Jersey Tea                                       Ceanothus americanus

Buttonbush                                               Cephalanthus occidentalis

Sweet Pepperbush                                  Clethra alnifolia

Hazelnut                                                    Corylus Americana

Strawberrybush                                      Euonymus Americana

Dwarf Huckleberry                                Gaylussacia dumosa

Wild Hydrangea                                      Hydrangea arborescens

Inkberry                                                    Ilex glabra

Virginia Willow                                       Itea virginica

Mountain Laurel                                     Kalmia latifolia

Spicebush                                                  Lindera benzoin

Fetterbush                                                Lyonia lucida

Dwarf Azalea                                            Rhododendron atlanticum

Wild Azalea                                           Rhododendron periclimenoides

Sparkleberry                                            Vaccinium arboretum

Highbush Blueberry                              Vaccinium corymbosum

Deerberry                                                  Vaccinium stamineum

Lowbush Blueberry                               Vaccinium vacillans

Mapleleaf Viburnum                             Viburnum acerifolium

Arrowwood                                               Viburnum dentatum

Wild Raisin                                                 Viburnum nudum


 Rattanvine                                                 Berchemia scandens

Crossvine                                                    Bignonia capreolata

Trumpet Vine                                           Campsis radicans

Carolina Jessamine                                Gelsemium sempervirens

Coral Honeysuckle                                 Lonicera sempervirens

Virginia Creeper                                      Parthenocissus quinquefolia

Passionflower                                           Passiflora incarnata

Grape                                                           Vitis spp.


 Christmas Fern                                        Polystichum acrostichoides

 Wildflowers & Herbs

 Hemp Dogbane                                       Apocynum cannabinum

Columbine                                                 Aquilegia Canadensis

Jack-in-the-Pulpit                                  Arisaema triphylium

Virginia Snakeroot                                Aristilochia serpentaria

Goat’s Beard                                             Aruncus dioicus

Swamp Milkweed                                   Asclepias incarnata

Butterfly Weed                                        Asclepias tuberosa

White Milkweed                                      Asclepias variegata

Heart-Leaved Aster                              Aster divaricatus

White Heath Aster                                 Aster pilosus

Blue False Indigo                                    Baptisia australis

Yellow Wild Indigo                                Baptisia tinctoria

Sticktight                                                   Biden aristosa

Partridge Pea                                          Chamaecrista fasciculata

Green and Gold                                      Chrysogonum virginianum

Black Cohosh                                          Cimicifuga racemosa

Yellow Thistle                                        Cirsium horridulum

Eared Coreopsis                                     Coreopsis auriculata

Sickle Tickseed                                       Coreopsis falcata

Lance-Leaved Coreopsis                    Coreopsis lanceolata

Greater Tickseed                                    Coreopsis major

Threadleaf Coreopsis                           Coreopsis verticillata

Beggarlice                                                 Desmodium spp.

Purple Coneflower                                 Echinacea purpurea

Mistflower                                                 Eupatorium coelestinum

Joe-Pye-Weed                                         Eupatorium fistulosum

Wild Geranium                                        Geranium maculatum

Swamp Sunflower                                   Helianthus angustifolius

Sunflower                                                  Helianthus atrorubens

Woodland Sunflower                             Helianthus divaricatus

Ox-Eye                                                        Heliopsis helianthoides

Rose Mallow                                             Hibiscus moscheutos

Bluets                                                          Houstoria caerulea

Jewelweed                                                 Impatiens capensis

Red Morning Glory                                Ipomoea coccinea

Crested Iris                                               Iris cristata

Blazing Star                                               Liatris spicata

Cardinal Flower                                       Lobelia cardinalis

Blue Lobelia                                              Lobelia puberula

Partridgeberry                                        Mitchella repens

Wild Bergamot                                        Monarda fistulosa

Horsemint                                                Monarda punctata

Sundrops                                                  Oenothera fruticosa

Hairy Beardtongue                               Penstemon canescens

Smooth Beardtongue                           Penstemon laevigatus

Carolina Phlox                                        Phlox Carolina

Blue Phlox                                                Phlox divaricata

Summer Phlox                                        Phlox paniculata

Prairie Phlox                                           Phlox pilosa

Moss Pink                                                 Phlox subulata

Pokeweed                                                 Phytolacca Americana

Hoary Mountainmint                          Pycnanthemum incanum

Orange Coneflower                              Rudbeckia fulgida

Lyreleaf Sage                                          Salvia lyrata

Fire Pink                                                   Silene virginica

Goldenrod                                               Solidago spp.

Indian Pink                                             Spigelia marilandica

Stokes Aster                                           Stokesia laevis

Ironweed                                                Vernonia noveboracensis

Wood Vetch                                           Vicia caroliniana

Bird-Foot Violet                                   Viola pedata


Brushy Bluestem                                   Andropogon glomeratus

Splitbeard Bluestem                            Andropogon ternarius

Wiregrass                                                 Aristida stricta

Switchcane                                              Arundinaria gigantea

Switchgrass                                             Panicum virgatum

Indiangrass                                             Sorghastrum nutans


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